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Academy of Chiropractic Arts & Sciences

ReCharge PulseWave
Low Cost High Power Class IV LASER




Most powerful and intelligent Class IV High Power Laser Therapy machine

SMART ICE is a leader in pain management, tissue repair, safe treatment and rapid treatment. We are the world’s leading laser provider. Smooth product lines, modern product appearance, showing the sense of technology and design, won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020

  • High power of 60 Watts Combined Power

  • 635nm+  15 W of each: 810nm+915nm+980nm, Four wavelengths in one machine

  • Deeper tissue penetration

  • Digital thermal imaging function

  • Intelligent cloud manage system for customer treatment records storage

  • Precise therapeutic dose

  • Precise treatment of target tissue

  • 12.1 larger HD smart screen

  • Perfect preset protocols

  • Different working modes for optimal output adjustment

  • Quick treatment one-time effect

  • Built-in video-playing function

  • Comprehensive 2-year warranty


The lowest cost High-Power Class IV laser therapy equipment new to the US market.

With 30W peak power, it adopts a high-power laser with Dual Wavelength of 810/980nm light waves, which is at “golden band” for human body and boasts fast and effective analgesic effect.

  • 30 Watt High Power therapy combined

  • 5-25min rapid treatment

  • 10 preset protocols, covering multiple parts of the body

  • Two modes-Pulse/CW mode

  • Dual wavelengths- 810nm/980nm  - 15 Watts Each

  • High-definition intelligent touch screen

  • Concentrated energy, accurate treatment

  • 10000 hours super long service life

  • 10-30W therapeutic power

  • Comprehensive 2-year warranty

LightStim Pro LED

                     Highest Quality Therapeutic Light Energy

LightStim MultiWave® Patented Technology delivers multiple wavelengths (or colors) of light simultaneously and continuously for a more comprehensive and result driven treatment. Custom-designed LEDs angle and direct light to optimize delivery of therapeutic energy.


+FDA Cleared, Designed & Manufactured in the USA

+MultiWave Patented Technology

+Professional Clinical Strength Treatments

+Targeted UV-Free LED Light Therapy

+Relieves muscle, joint and arthritic pain

+Increases blood circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrients for healing and repair

+Helps promote healthy cell function

+Accelerates injury and post-workout recovery time

+Gentle warmth is soothing and relaxing

+Can be used as an adjunct to other treatments


LightStim Pro Panel for Pain
+Touchless & unattended treatment


+Continuous wave – no flashing or pulsing

+5 – 30 minute treatment time

+Four hinged panels contour easily & precisely to the treatment area for closest possible proximity to the tissue

+Wide articulation of arm allows for ease of positioning over any treatment area

+Solid base & wheel locks provide stability in the treatment room

+Wall mounting option

+Fully programmable timer on easily accessed control panel

+Sturdy construction holds up to professional use

Easy to clean, disinfect & maintain         

LightStim Pro Bed

+Touchless & unattended treatment

+Composed of 18,240 custom designed LEDs

+The LightStim Bed is uniquely designed with only one surface instead of a top and bottom clamshell design – turning over halfway through treatment allows the body to get as close to the light source as possible for BETTER LIGHT ABSORPTION and superior results

+Patented sensors monitor and adjust body temperature on a millisecond-by-millisecond basis for optimal blood circulation

+State of the art customized acrylic eliminates light distortion and facilitates better light absorption

+30 separate modules can be removed independently

Comes with a ProPanel

+Recommended treatment time is 40 minutes (20 minutes on each side of the body) for maximum benefits

+Patients can relax, meditate, listen to music, or just enjoy 40 minutes of quiet time

+Once per day, 3x per week, or as often as possible – RESULTS  ARE CUMULATIVE

+Simple to operate, patients begin treatment in privacy merely by pushing 2 buttons

+LEDs shut off automatically at the end of the treatment

+Takes less than 2 minutes to sanitize in between treatments


For LED to be Effective, you Must have direct or very close contact with skin surface

Other LED manufacturers have further Distance from light source to tissue, which INHIBITS EFFICACY/ LESS ENERGY ABSORPTION

Other LED manufacturers use Inferior acrylic, which DISTORTS LIGHT EMISSION and penetration into tissues

Other LED manufacturers Do Not uniformly & effectively raise tissue temperature to meet FDA requirements for efficacy

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