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ReCharge PEMF is the Only manufacturer with
Dual Pulse Technology.

Brief Summary of PEMF
Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency Therapy

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High Power PEMF is a Safe, Non-Invasive therapy that harnesses electromagnetic energy to stimulate the health of individual cells by increasing their voltage.  All living things in the universe have energy, including all plants, animals, and humans. We have an estimated 37 trillion human cells in our body and an additional estimated 30-35 trillion bacteria cells in our body. Every animal and human cell has intracellular organelles called mitochondria which produce ATP, or cellular energy. This form of energy is necessary for all life and is what allows the cells to function. ATP is made in a complex chemical process from food, water, and oxygen.





If you think of each cell as being like a battery with a voltage, the more energy each cell has the healthier its chemical makeup. Human cells resonate between 1-50 hertz (Hz) under normal, healthy conditions but when damaged, that energy is reduced.  In studies, healing cells were found to have a charge of 75 millivolts and healthy cells a charge of 55 millivolts, while sick cells have a charge of 35 millivolts and cancer cells have a charge of 20 millivolts or less. So anything that can raise the voltage of your cells allows them to become healthier. Without cellular voltage & electrical energy, life could not exist.

                          All Living Cells have an Electrical Charge across the Cell Membrane


                  Less than -20 mV          - 40 mV                 - 50 mV                 - 60 mV                - 70 mV                  -100 mV   

              Cancers & Cell Mutations           Chronic Illness                 Weakened Cells                           Healthy Cells                                                                                                                                

PEMF Therapy is like Re-Charging a drained battery that is not functioning properly.

Since water represents is 60-70% of Cells, water cannot absorb Oxygen without Voltage, so zero voltage is a dead cell, optimal voltage is 60-70 millivolts inside the cell, this allows for a high concentration of Oxygen to be absorbed.  When you can achieve optimum voltage within the cell, you have optimum oxygen levels, then a chain reaction occurs, resulting in better uptake of Nutrients by the cells, and better Detoxification of cells, getting rid of toxins.  Example: Putting Racing fuel in your gas tank, but you have sludge in oil pan.  You won’t have a peak-performing vehicle.  Once you have achieved good intracellular voltage, the next thing is it reduced inflammation in injuries as well as overall health. PEMF helps increase cell energy (ATP) production while reducing oxidation and free radicals. PEMF may help strengthen immune function, increased mental clarity, and concentration, and improve recovery and sleep. 


PEMF- Pulsed Magnetic Frequency Therapy re-energizes injured, aging & damaged cells by inducing pulses of electric-magnetic charges into the cells helping to restore them to their normal healthy state. Pesticides, preservatives, pharmaceuticals and other toxins contribute with the negative electromagnetic smog or bad energy from cells phones, computes, florescent lights and other  appliances all creating a weaker energy within our cells.  The use of PEMF therapy results in increased vaso-dilation and circulation, tissues regeneration, increased immune function, the breaking up of intramuscular adhesion/trauma and decreased inflammation. PEMF increases cell uptake of oxygen and nutrients and removal of cellular waste products enhancing the cells natural metabolic ability to function and repair. The restoration of human cell function is what set this technology apart from all other devices, it actually helps your cells function better. When using in combination with our other services, we can achieve greater pain reduction and restoration of health, quickly, safely and naturally.

Our Earth has a magnetic field that fluctuates (pulses) and this pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) is a key component for life.   In fact many researchers refer to PEMFs as "The Fifth Element."  Along with food, water, oxygen and sleep, the body needs PEMFs to survive.  Unfortunately the Earth's magnetic field is getting weaker and some research suggests that it is almost 100 times less powerful as it was during the time of dinosaurs.  Each of the approximately 32 trillion cells in your body vibrates or oscillates.  Using the appropriate frequencies, electromagnetic impulses can induce resonant vibrations to stimulate a variety of cellular functions.  However, only specific range or spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies are readily accepted by the body (called the biological window) trigger physiological responses. 


One key function of the cell membrane is to regulate the environment for biological processes inside the cell. This is achieved through selectively allowing water, nutrients, and elements to enter or leave the interior of the cell.  One way the cell membrane achieves selective "permeability" is through the establishment of a membrane potential.  PEMF normalizes cell membrane potentials.  PEMF therapy is similar to charging a battery, which is each and every one of your cells.  PEMF stimulates atoms, increases electronic spin, aligns molecules, and generates very small micro-currents that tend to run along nerve pathways.  This leads to an increase in intercellular communication, metabolic processes in part due to increased circulation, oxygenation, alkalization, ATP production(the form of energy used by cells to perform work such as running enzymes), and optimized cell membrane potential.  As a result, cells regenerate, oxidative stress and inflammation is reduced, immune responses are more robust, the feel-good endorphins are boosted, depleted adrenal and other endocrine gland functions are restored.

Healing, Rejuvenation, Regeneration & ReCharge
This is the foundation of PEMF therapy


This FDA-approved therapy has been in use for many years in Europe and in the NASA space program. This technology is being widely used in the equine profession, by professional sports teams, elite athletes in the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and Olympians!

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy is a safe and viable method for reducing pain, inflammation and improved cell health for wellness and anti-aging. Research suggests that electromagnetic fields can influence cell membrane permeability in a way that reduces the severity of pain.  Best of all, it doesn’t involve using harmful and addictive medication. Caution: Do not use if Pregnant, history of seizures or have any electrical implanted device. Keep Cells Phones, Watches, Keys away.

 PEMF is now use the U.S. military clinics.

We use the Dual Pulse ReCharge PEMF High Power Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy to quickly reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation while improving joint range of motion for the quickest results.


Having used many brands of PEMF and ShockWave, 

I can help you select the best unit for your personal or clinical needs.

If you are looking to purchase, don’t buy from a sales rep;  invest and learn from an experienced clinician & colleague.    



"Non-Invasive Natural Healing with Directed Energy"

Introduction of PEMF

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Academy of Chiropractic Arts & Sciences

Benefits of PEMF 

PEMF Therapy is a Safe, Non-Invasive choice for:

  • PEMF’s primary effect is by Depolarization of Cell Membranes

  • Increases Blood Flow by up to 20%

  • Increases Oxygenation of Tissues by up to 200%

  • Most any condition will benefit from these first three effects

  • Anti-Inflammatory, Reducing The Enzymes That Cause Inflammation By Up To 75%          

  • Nerve, Tendon & Ligament Irritation

  • Pain, Stiffness, Swelling, Edema

  • Urinary Incontinence & Muscle Stimulation              

  • Increase Circulation & Lymph Flow

  •  Arthritis                            

  • Adjunct To Cervical Fusion Surgery 

  • Osteoporosis & Bone Fractures

  • MS & Parkinson Disease                          

  • Depression, Anxiety

  • PEMF is used in Cancer Treatment clinics as an additional therapy                                     

  • Increasing Immunity        

  • Stimulating Endorphins, Dopamine & Serotonin                                    

  • Increasing The Body’s Natural Healing Processes

  • Detoxification

  • Increases The Voltage In The Cells

  • Enhances The Synthesis Of Protein In The Cells

  • Increase Stem Cell Production

  • Improves The ATP Mitochondria Function   

  • Causes The pH To Go More Alkaline

  • Improves Athletic Performance & Speeds Recovery After Workouts   

Important PEMF Info

Before PEMF Therapy:

Always Remove anything with a Battery,

such as Watch, Smart Watch, Car Keys, and CELL Phone



> Do Not use During PregnancySafety of PEMFs has not been established in pregnancy, although there is no evidence of harm.

   Therefore, we advise against the use of any type of PEMF device during pregnancy.

> Do Not use with any implanted Electrical devices like pacemakers, cochlear implants, intrathecal pumps, etc., because the magnetic field can shut the device off or otherwise interfere with its function.

> Do Not use PEMF with Organ Transplant.  PEMFs are contraindicated in organ transplant patients due to immune-suppression medications to prevent organ rejection. PEMF therapy may adversely affect the immune suppression/rejection process. There is a chance that PEMFs may actually stimulate or activate a more aggressive rejection process by stimulating the immune system.



>PEMFs should be used with caution in those patients with bleeding disorders, those with Grave’s disease or in patients with active bleeding.

>High power PEMFs should be used with caution or with professional guidance in people with implanted metals, such as joint replacements, dental implants, mechanical heart valves, metal stents, or metal staples in blood vessels. This is not due to risk of injury or harm, but because PEMFs extremely high intensities may stimulate the nerves in the area of the metal, causing sharp pain. High intensity PEMFs may add to the shear stress of metal clips placed in or near blood vessels.


Important Notice:  Nothing on this website nor any articles or documents is intended to provide any healthcare or medical advice. All this information is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. It is not meant to diagnosis or suggest treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read in this document. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911.  PEMF therapy devices do not diagnosis, treat or cure any health condition, and are classified as a wellness device. 

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