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ReCharge DoD # 6 MP Clinical Dual is mid range, medium power  Dual Pulse PEMF Dual unit.    This can run two attachments at a time, so you can better target tissues for complete PEMF penetration or treat two seperate patients at a time.  This is a relatively high-intensity impulse system and is suitable for use both in-home or in a clinical setting. This unit is simple to operate. It has 5 intensity levels that can be run at 5 or 10 minutes. At the lowest intensity, the pulse rate is close to 5 pulses per second and at the highest intensity pulse rate is slower than one pulse per second. This is a DUAL PULSE unit, so there is always a 10Hz frequency running in the background. The Minimum intensity level is 500 gauss and the Maximum intensity for this unit is  5200 Gauss .


  Price Includes the complete ReCharge Clinical Accessory Package  which includes: 


The ReCharge Clinical Accessory Package includes:
- Uses Easy On / Off “E” Type Connectors

- (Qty 1) Double Loop “Butterfly” coil: 9″ diameter with 6′ Tail

- (Qty 1) Single Loop coil: 14″ diameter with 6′ Tail

- (Qty 1) 6" Paddle with 6" Tail

- (Qty 2) Covered Pad: 18”x 23” with 6′ Tail. This allows Dual PEMF to the Front & Back of the torso for complete PEMF energy to the body (PEMF Sandwich)


ReCharge DoD # 6 MP Clinical Dual w/ Clinical Accessory Package

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