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The ReCharge PEMF model Regenetron™ is completely different from all other PEMF machines due to its advanced technology. This low-power unit is comparable, but BETTER, MORE POWERFUL Subtle Energy than the Bemer, iMRS, QRS, MAS, and several other low-powered units. PEMF manufactures the best low-powered unit. The Regenetron™ is a lightweight, portable, solid-state Digital unit, utilizing a Parallel or Dual Pulsing system, offering two separate low power Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields running simultaneously, at the same time to deliver a sweep of frequencies to provide a much more effective treatment, no other machine offers this. The Regenetron™ emits brainwave frequencies that influence the brain with either Delta frequencies for enhanced and deep sleep of transcendental meditation, Theta frequencies for deep relaxation and enhanced creativity, Alpha frequencies for light meditation and visualization, Beta frequencies for a state of alertness, and focus/concentration, or Gamma frequencies for increased brain activity and insights. It may help with Brain function, Sleep, Relaxation, Headaches, Concussions, increased blood flow & circulation, bone healing, and wellness. Easy to use, 5 separate settings, or use 2 at a time. * ReCharge PEMF brand is the only PEMF manufacturer to be safety tested having UL / CL certification, manufactured in an ISO 13485 Certified Facility, is conducting university research, and is made in the USA.


Includes: 3-year manufacturer’s warranty UL / CL Approved
Voltage: 110/120 V AC / 220/240 I

Weight: 3 lbs

Includes a 5” Paddle & Therapy Mat 12”x 24”

ReCharge PEMF Regenetron (Includes Mat and Paddle)

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