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StemWave  Focused True ShockWave

The StemWave Modus-F is a German designed Focused True ShockWave medical device intended to alleviate aches and pains. Our uniquely designed Area Directed Technology (ADT) utilizes an electro-hydraulic system that generates focused acoustic shockwaves that apply mechanical force and energy to living tissue. This amazing technology was specifically designed for efficient and effective use with a variety of orthopedic indications and is now available in the USA.  


The StemWave Modus-F patient-focused technology comes at an affordable price, without sacrificing quality. For years, this device has been widely used by medical institutions all around Europe. Over the past 15 years, many Pro Athletes had to travel to Europe to get this amazing therapy, but is now FDA listed Class 1device and now available in the USA.  

True shockwaves travel over 3500 MPH, directing high speed energy to the injured area. This energy causes injured cells to rapidly contract, then expand, releasing a variety of cell membrane compounds which then attract the body's natural (Mesenchymal Cells) growth factors and stem cells to migrate to the injured area generating natural tissue repair while rapidly reducing pain and inflammation. 


StemWave Modus-F can be used as a safe, non-invasive alternative or adjunctive therapy to painful and expensive joint injections.  *Individual results may vary.

We are excited to introduce our product with the goal of making Modus-F’s Area Directed Technology easily accessible to providers and their patients all across the United States.

Contact me for more details, and come to my Oceanside, CA live seminars for in-person demonstration of StemWave Modus-F.

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